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Confusion is Costly.   Clarity is Everything.

The Training Bureau helps professional managers get the most from the Center and The Management Index™.

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We focus on the hard knowledge and skills critical to managing processes and projects.

Meeting prepartion tool.Meeting preparation tools.We believe if the ideas are clear there are fewer "soft skills" problems.

The Center's terms, tools and training help members make their ideas clear, complete, consistent and connected. We help managers see how their teams connect, which sparks collaboration and innovation.

We train groups and coach individual managers at any level. We show them how to apply The Management Index™ and the 1-Page Tools (below) to general and specific management practices. General practice issues include:

workshops.Workshops.We put on workshops throughout the year, but the trainers can also help solve specific problems for organizations or individual managers in any of the six Level 1 disciplines. You must be a Center member to receive training services and certifications.

The Small Business Administration also has a national network of consultants. Though not all are trained in the Center's tools, they provide free or inexpensive assistance for start-ups and small businesses.

1-Page Tools

Table of Priorities.We believe simplicity is the key to clarity, which is why our tools are on only one page. You can access the Table of Priorities™ here, but only members will be able to access the complete toolkit and instructional videos [pending]. Join us!


Derrick Van Mell.Derrick Van Mell.Derrick Van Mell, MBA, MA

Derrick is the founder and CEO of The Center for Management Terms & Practices. He has been advisor and coach for over 25 years.
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Steve Johannsen.Steve Johannsen.Steve Johannsen

Steve was President of RMT, a 1,000-person environmental engineering firm. He's now an independent consultant as well as Chair of two Executive Agenda groups.
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Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal.Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal.Nicole Whitbeck-Dohnal

Nicole is the Director of The QTI Group in Milwaukee, WI. She's an experienced advisor and sales trainer who works with senior managers in many industries and sectors.
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These trainers are based in Wisconsin, USA. We are going to develop a certification program for people who’d like to be official trainers. We will also offer a general management certification, based on knowledge of the standards and how the practices inter-connect.

Contact us: Email or call 608-260-9300 for program and coaching schedules and costs.


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Confusion is Costly.  Clarity is Everything.