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Confusion is Costly.   Clarity is Everything.

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Our mission is to help people to feel safe, appreciated and proud of their work. This requires excellent general management skills and knowledge.

miscommunication.miscommunication.But management jargon causes costly miscommunications every day: projects and processes stall, which builds frustration and barriers to cooperation. People feel unsafe, unappreciated and that their work doesn't matter.

The Center for Management Terms & Practices provides a standard language of management so everyone can enjoy more productive and satisfying work. We host The Management Index™, a tool that helps managers connect and communicate with the rest of their organizations.

Our members have the curiosity and courage to consider new ways of thinking about their management practice. They know clear thinking and clear communications are essential to success. Join us!


The Management Index™ can be used to:

CMTP Structure and Leadership

structure and leadership.structure and leadership.The Center for Management Terms and Practices will be an American non-profit organization. It is responsible for managing The Management Index™. It will evolve with the ideas of its members, under the control of its Editorial Board (below). The Center grew out of a pilot project with the US Small Business Administration.

This core intellectual property is used under an exclusive license from the Center’s founder and CEO, Derrick Van Mell. There will also be a sister, for-profit organization to provide custom knowledge management services.

CMTP Editorial Board & Advisors

The Center's Editorial Board believes that experienced people, working under thoughtful guidelines, can manage a standard much better than an automated process. The editors will, however, tap all of today's communication tools to gather and share ideas.

Editorial board:

In addition to the global Editorial Board, the Center will have advisory boards for industries, regions and its own management.


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Confusion is Costly.  Clarity is Everything.