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Confusion is Costly.   Clarity is Everything.

Manager: Someone who helps people work together.  Leader: Someone who inspires people to take a risk.

The leader is often the senior manager as well, but leadership and management are not the same thing. The Center helps professional managers and inspiring leaders have "4C" ideas:


Goal Tree."The Management Index™ helped me and other family business members have confidence we were covering all the issues and speaking the same language. The Center's training team helped us develop our own Goal Tree, which has given all of us powerful focus quickly."

— Jeff Lerdahl, Lerdahl Business Interiors

Targeting."In less than an hour, the Center's Table of Priorities™ transformed how we run our company. Instead of just putting out fires, we now we use The Management Index™ and its tools every day to keep everyone speaking the same language and headed in the same direction. This is how I’ve always wanted to run my business: no b.s."

— Construction company CEO


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Confusion is Costly.  Clarity is Everything.